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Art Exhibition "Music: Shapes and Colors" at the FIJLKAM Italian Judo Federation Fight Karate Martial Arts, Matteo Pellicone Museum - Ostia Lido
Art Exhibition "Ars Dimicandi" at the FIJLKAM Italian Judo Federation Fight Karate Martial Arts, Matteo Pellicone Museum - Ostia Lido
Photo by Elettra Ferraù
Honored with the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella

Since she was a child, she was found in world of the Art, having had the Grandfather painter, Mom sculptor and painter, she attended the Art School until arriving at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.
From the beginning, she's dedicated to figurative painting, played in a dream vision, in some work, on a surreal, where the gold present in the backgrounds, it is almost a kind of modern Byzantine inspiration, which gives the sacred of the pictorial work.
Influenced by her travels that already as a child led her, in the most exotic places, she lived in Africa, especially in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa the first years of her life, until her return to Italy, where she continued her art studies.
She continued to travel to Europe, particularly in France to land in Asia. Curious to Eastern philosophies, she prefers symbolism of the natural world and philosophical concepts. She studied abstract art, the surreal, to arrive at an understanding of the 
futurism”, and “Impressionist” art, that fascinates her particularly.

Because of her visionary passion for light and for trips, loves bold colors, using techniques such as acrylic paint, in a constant search for balance between color, movement and concept. She made sketches and illustrations for some publishers.
Painter, sculptor and photographer has exhibited her work, participating in Reviews Art International, at the complex of Sant'Andrea Teatro dei Dioscuri del Quirinale in Rome and in 2011, she exhibited at galleries notes, important historic houses including the Historical Museum Bellini Florence and cultural projects for high social relevance. She has worked with some publishers to create book covers. Passionate about digital photography creates works evocative, surreal and imaginative. Studies and creates trophies for award winning films and she has designed, created made Trophies identifiers related to the Exhibition called "TOLFA SHORT FILM FESTIVAL".

In collaboration with the Italian "Yearbook of Cinema and Audiovisual" (Annuario del Cinema Italiano & Audiovisivi) devised created and implemented the specific Trophy that the Yearbook assigns to a character who is particularly distinguished for his career, in the entertainment and film, becoming so "Testimonial" of the prestigious publication.
In collaboration with the Cultural Center Elsa Morante of Rome presented press conferences, personal exhibitions until landing the experience of "Mass Art".
She was selected with her works for the GEMLUCART, the International Competition of Contemporary Art in Principality of Monaco, the prestigious event of Art in the Fight against Cancer, under the honorary presidency of Her Royal Highness Princess Caroline of Hanover, for the edition of the year 2013, 2014 and for the year 2015. She has exhibited in Nice on the occasion of the "International Jazz Festival of Juan and Nice ". She was ranked 1st Place winning the first prize in the event that was held at the site of the Augustinian Complex MUSEUM in Piazza del Popolo, for" ROME, WORLD CAPITAL ART and CULTURE - new patrons of the third Wanted millennium ".
She became part of the group of Artists of SPOLETO FESTIVAL ART exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Amelia Boccarini, for a traveling tour that has also seen her in events in Assisi, Chianciano Terme, Perugia, EXPO MILAN, Milan Brera, Spoleto, Todi, Turin, L'Aquila, The Siviller Castel in Villasor, Ostia, Vatican City State.
But also exposes in Shanghai (China), London (UK), Berlin (Germany), Principality of Monaco, Baden Baden (Germany), Miami (Florida), Stuttgat (Germany), Chicago (Illinois USA) ,  Barcelona (Spain) New York (USA) Madrid (Spain), United Arab Emirates (Emirate Umm Al Quwain) along with other cities, before returning to Rome.
In 2015 She Won International Award SPOLETO FESTIVAL ART also participating in numerous events in the same city of Spoleto, even during the Festival of Two Worlds.

She won in the year 2016, the International Prize "SPOLETO ART FESTIVAL 2016", with special mention "For the important work she has done and she plays for Culture and the Arts".
She received "CREATIVITY AWARD" for the event called "PHOTOFESTIVAL -THROUGH THE FOLDS OF TIME" Stage of Anzio (Italy) in 2016.
Award "FIJLKAM ART 2016" Olympic Center MATTEO PELLICONE - Lido di OSTIA Rome Italy.
Internaional Award "SPOLETO ART FESTIVAL 2017" for the DIGITAL ART Category.
"MIIT 2018 MUSEUM AWARD" for the first "European year of Cultural Heritage".  
"International Award SPOLETO ART FESTIVAL 2020"

Her work is the result of research in constant evolution, experimenting with new materials, a kind of alchemical and geometric exploration that have made it to define an Artist EUCLIDEAN (from Euclid).

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